Focused on the Fort Worth Basin


The unconventional drilling and completion techniques that revolutionized the oil and gas industry globally was developed right here in the Fort Worth Basin with the Barnett Shale. The horizontal drilling and multi-stage hydraulic fracture stimulations developed in the shales in the nineties, then began being applied to tight conventional rocks. The Permian basin led the way in the early 2000’s by comingling several tight reservoir rock formations that together are called the Wolfberry. The Wolfberry development revitalized the Permian resulting in a higher concentration of drilling rigs drilling more wells than the Eagle Ford, Bakken and Marcellus Shale plays combined. The Fort Worth Basin is now like the Permian was 10 years ago. Sable Natural Resources’s goal is to be a front runner in bringing unconventional drilling and completion techniques to the conventional tight reservoir rocks in the Fort Worth Basin.


Committed to High Rates of Return

Sable’s 20,000 acre platform acquisition, on trend with the successful Marble Falls unconventional resource play, the property has 116 existing wells with production primarily from conventional completions in the Atoka at 3,500’ and unconventional Barnett Shale at 5,000’. The same Marble Falls formation that is being developed unconventionally with published high rates of returns to the north of Sable’s acreage at 5,000’ blankets its 20,000 acres at 4,000’ and has been left untouched by the previous operator. After performing only a few of many remedial workover opportunities and making its first two Marble Falls recompletions, Sable more than doubled the field production to a current rate of 1.4 million cubic feet of gas per day and 30 barrels of oil per day. Sable is now underway with a recompletion program with 25 more Marble Falls recompletes plus 19 Atoka restimulation fracs planned through the first quarter of 2016. Instead of drilling new wells, Sable is utilizing existing wellbores for Marble Falls recompletes and Atoka restimulations, saving 75% in capital costs. When this low cost, high rate-of-return recompletion program is finished, Sable projects that it will have over 200 drilling opportunities on 80 acre spacing.


Proven Experienced Team

  • Previous development and sale experience: Sable management team has experience managing, deploying and growing capital within the industry
  • Established executive team: Key management, engineering, operations and accounting principals are already in-house, establishing a firm corporate foundation
  • Significant sector experience: Core Management team (four person) has over 86 years of experience in the energy sector, covering both E&P and oilfield services
  • History managing a public entity: CEO has managed, grown a public energy company and sold a wholly-owned subsidiary, yielding a strong return to investors
  • Established, focused position: Sable has established a single, focused core area of operations to develop without distraction
  • Large management commitment: To date, Sable management has personally funded over 30% of the acquisition, development and operating costs of the company