sableTimeline of Success


NYTEX rebranded to Sable Natural Resources

Sable launches its low cost, high return development program with 25 Marble Falls recompletes plus 19 Atoka restimulation fracs planned through the first quarter of 2016

Developing an inventory of 200 drilling opportunities

Planned consolidation of corporate offices to Fort Worth

Planned acquisition of 3,361 acre producing property in Palo Pinto County

Planned 30 well Marble Falls drilling program on the 3,361 acre property

Planned institutional funding to refinance debt structure, acquire and develop existing and additional properties 


Cory Hall is appointed President and COO of the company

Cory invests $4.5MM into the company supporting future growth

Additional technical staff recruited from a leading independent Permian E&P Company

Acquired 116 well producing property on 20,000 acres for $10,000,000 with extensive upside

Development begins through low cost, high return recompletion, restimulation and workover opportunities  


As initial Marble Falls and horizontal Caddo core area land grab cycles down, Sable (then NYTEX) transitions from Land Services to E&P

Performs extensive geological analysis on potential acquisitions to extend the Marble Falls resource play

Begins to acquire leases in Fort Worth Basin  


Sold FDF for $62.5MM, an $8.7MM profit over $53.8MM purchase price

Primarily through land services in the Marble Falls and horizontal Caddo play, NYTEX earned $3.7MM after tax income from $6.1MM in sales from continuing operations

Earned ORRI, carried interests & WI in 48,000 leasehold acres 


Received approval by the SEC to be a fully reporting, publically traded company

First year as owner of FDF, increased prior year sales of $67.5MM to $85.0MM

NYTEX stock traded between $1 and $6 per share 


NYTEX filed a Form 10 to go public

Raised $58.0MM to acquire platform company and commence oilfield service rollup and develop an E&P subsidiary

Purchased FDF for $53.8MM, 3.8x trailing 12 EBITDA. Paid cash plus $11MM in stock at $2/share