Experience Leads the Way


Sable has an experienced management team that has led multiple early stage energy companies to profitability and successful liquidity events for stakeholders. Prior successes include HGH Energy, Inc., PetroQuest Exploration, Inc. and Americawest Energy Group, LLC. In addition, management was successful in service companies including Francis Drilling Fluids, LTD, CJ Energy, LLC and CJ Energy Services, LLC, building value and realizing significant profits upon monetization.

The five members of the management and technical team have 130 years of combined experience and have the technical expertise and managerial track record to advance Sable’s development plan of recompletion and restimulation opportunities while orchestrating a PUD (proven undeveloped drilling) development program. Independently, the team has experience acquiring assets, running vertical and horizontal development programs within conventional and unconventional fields, managing large and varied field operations. The company is staffed with key individuals to ensure public reporting and E&P accounting standards are met as a public company. As a team, they have acquired a cash flowing asset with development running room and constructed a financial and operating plan to successfully grow and develop Sable.

Seasoned Professionals with Local Influence

We have organized in house and partnered with a team of seasoned professionals including landmen, geologists, and petroleum engineers, many of whom have lived and worked in this area much of their lives. Our team has developed long-term interpersonal relationships and business networks locally, and have their hands on the pulse on the localized oil and gas activities in the emerging resource plays in the Fort Worth Basin and, as an early entrant in these emerging resource plays, we have experienced great initial success and are poised for rapid expansion.

Our Business Model

Sable is a Dallas and Midland based, early stage growth company focused on an acquisition and low cost, high rate-of-return exploitation and development drilling strategy for unconventional liquids rich natural gas and oil reserves in the Fort Worth Basin. From years of experience in the Fort Worth Basin, Sable has a vast network of industry professionals and operators within its focus area. The Fort Worth Basin staged the unconventional shale development boom since the advent of horizontal drilling and multi-stage hydraulic fracturing. This unconventional shale technology has been successfully applied to conventional “tight rock” reservoirs in other basins, predominantly in the Permian Basin over the last several years. The Fort Worth Basin remains relatively new to applying unconventional development in conventional reservoirs, and is similar to where the Permian Basin was 10 years ago. Exciting plays with successful economics like the Marble Falls (see the Oil and Gas Investor December 14, 2014 edition) have emerged in the Fort Worth Basin. Sable is poised to be an early entrant in the expansion of the Marble Falls play with its platform acquisition of 20,000 acres, larger acquisitions in play and an aggressive development strategy.