20,000 Acre Acquisition with 116 Existing Wells

In late 2014, Sable acquired its 20,000 acre platform property with 116 existing wells to start and build a strong and growing position in the liquids rich natural gas leg of the Marble Falls unconventional resource play in the Fort Worth Basin. The property allows Sable to optimize production from low cost-high return Marble Falls recompletion fracs in numerous existing wells, while at the same time setting up 200 potential drilling opportunities. The acreage and expanded core area of growth around it contains additional zones of interest including the Strawn Sand, Big Saline and Atoka Conglomerate formations. The Atoka, Big Saline and Marble Falls zones have development potential through modern unconventional completion techniques and have horizontal  drilling potential.  Our expert technical and management team is deeply committed to applying technological innovation to extract and enhance oil and gas production from the rich reservoir rock, maximize operational efficiency and reduce costs. By effectively developing our large existing property and strategically acquiring more acreage to increase its position throughout the expanding core area of the play, we strive to build shareholder value, while adhering to the company’s core values of safety first, integrity, teamwork, servant leadership and exemplary ethical standards in all we do, putting the best interests of all stakeholders first.

Strategy Overview

Develop our liquids rich gas and oil resource play

We have a growing inventory of identified drilling locations that provide us the opportunity to continue increasing production and reserves at low finding and development costs. Focusing on the liquids rich tight oil and gas rock of the Fort Worth Basin that has yet been largely untapped by modern, unconventional means, allows us to use operating and technical expertise important to interpreting geological and operating trends to enhance production rates and maximize well recovery across our expanding core area.

We operate our properties efficiently

Our concentrated acreage position in the liquids rich natural gas leg of the Marble Falls unconventional resource play enables us to capture economies of scale and operating efficiencies. Through our investment in upgrading and updating field infrastructure systems, we are able to reduce workover, restimulation and recompletion costs, drilling and completion costs and lease operating expenses.  We operate over 95% of our reserve base, which allows us to better manage timing and risk, and control our pace of reserve growth.

 We acquire complementary resources

With management having operational experience in the Fort Worth Basin since the late 1980’s, Sable has a strong network of industry contacts and enjoys long term business relationships with many of the active players in the Fort Worth Basin. This network allows Sable to be exposed to pre-market acquisition opportunities. We continually search for opportunities to acquire producing properties, undeveloped acreage and drilling prospects in our existing core area. We focus particularly on opportunities where we believe our operational efficiency, reservoir management and geological expertise in unconventional development of oil and natural gas properties will enhance value and performance.